Lending a Hand

Besides providing quality music education and the promotion of Western art music, one of the most important and relevant aims of The Majolly Music Trust that was founded in February 2011, is the setting up of a unique pension fund for aged and infirm musicians. This fund kicked into action a year after the Trust set up, and has continued to help musicians from anywhere in India, irrespective of caste, creed and musical genre, who are either too old to earn a living with music, or too sick to do so. The Majolly Music Trust sees itself as providing an essential and much-needed support and assistance in place of a practically non-existent government framework in these matters.

From one of the recipients of the pension fund, M Manikandan from Pollachi, Tamil Nadu:

Manikandan photo“Nothing is standard in life for me, specially with regards to money. I get enough money to run my family for six months. The other half year it is very difficult to get things going at home. My family consists of my Dad, Mum and my Sister’s family. My Dad owns a couple of goats and a few chicken. My decision to take up music was shunned by my family members. But only that has given more stability in my life and more friends as well. Living a life of a music teacher is really hard in this rural area. I make some extra money during annual days but that just about sees to the need of the family. The Pension Fund by the Majolly Music Trust was a welcome change for me. What it has done is it has given me more stability because it has helped secure my future. Something to fall back on. My life has been lived till date without any savings because of the basic needs I have to satisfy with so many people to care for. I always used to worry what will become of my future. With eyesight reduced to identifying shadows mostly, I thought I had no future. I also cannot go asking individuals for help so the Majolly Music Trust has really helped me. I only hope and pray that it reaches out to more people like me. Thank you!”


Here’s a letter from another recipient of the pension fund:

Sri Sankara Iyer Lr. of thanks


To sustain such help, is however, not always an easy task, as local funding is not always readily available. If you would like to help the Trust with this project, do mail us at: [email protected] and we will guide you further as to how you can help. You can also view our website at: www.majollymusictrust.org to better understand our aims and objectives, and to what we do.