If you haven’t yet heard, there’s a certain waddle of penguins (apparently it’s “waddle”, not “flock”!) in Antarctica that get totally freaked out by the sound of a tenor.

*Note: tenor Nick Allen has removed his original upload, after getting concerned feedback from the International Association of Antarctica Tour Operations. The video below is a repost via CBSN.

So, penguins are not about the singing, it seems. Mountain lions don’t like it either.

But not all wildlife is averse to the human voice. This parrot, for example, sings Mozart:

And though it’s not singing, these elephants sure like to sway to the dulcet tones of the violin:

And cows? Cows love music. They seem particularly happy about brass instruments, and these French cows are all about jazz:

Dogs not only love singing, they love joining in. This German shepherd has some pretty decent chops, actually:

There’s also the little Yorkie who loves La traviata

And like many of you, readers, this dog will cancel his nap plans if there’s opera involved:


By Jenna Douglas. Republished with permission from Schmopera – http://www.schmopera.com/6-animals-who-love-opera-more-than-penguins/