The Oakridge International School in Hyderabad is looking for a Western classical music teacher, specialising in Guitar, with an ATCL, or equivalent degree, in Guitar.

This residency will be for a period of 2-4 weeks in 2018. The selected candidate will be asked to perform one solo recital, conduct workshops and lectures, one-on-one teaching lessons and curate a group recital by the students of the school.

The artist honorarium will commensurate to experience.

To apply, please email [email protected] with you recent solo live recordings and CV.

Oakridge International School, with just a decade of presence, has garnered a strong repertoire to become one of the best international schools in the country. The prestigious international school was started with a mission to build a community of leaders, over a foundation of shared beliefs, values and ethos.

Oakridge is dedicated to nurturing responsive and motivated students through a dynamic and success-oriented education program. The program empowers students to gain an indigenous as a well global perspective on various aspects.

Oakridge is dedicated to nurturing motivated students through a dynamic and success oriented education program

Within the broad-based curriculum options offered, ample opportunities are provided to develop and assess the critical creative thinking skills, the flexibility of approach, ability to work with and serve others, and the grit and fortitude in the face of challenges.

A kaleidoscope of extra-curricular activities, support the education programme of the institution to create the ultimate Oakridge product- strong confident individuals and active life-long learners.

Oakridge fuels the desire to inculcate a lifelong habit of learning in students, imperative for holistic development. To fuel the seed of learning, the school constantly motivates the students to believe in the motto “Learning the treasure within.”

With its world-class campuses in Hyderabad, Bengaluru, Visakhapatnam, and Chandigarh – Oakridge is regarded as one of India’s top International schools with its high standards of teaching methodology, technology collaboration, and global culture in every aspect of learning.


Oakridge, a centre of excellence in education, believes that every child has a treasure within. The school kindles in children intellectual, emotional, physical and spiritual development. It aims to produce successful, responsible, creative, global citizens striving for excellence and committed to nature and progress of society. It envisions a stimulating learning environment by providing highly motivated facilitators, innovative educational methods and quality infrastructure that will help to discover, nurture and bring to fruition the treasure within.


Oakridge International School will be a centre for excellence in education. In keeping with the rich heritage of India, it will stress the simultaneous development of the Spirit, the Mind, and the Body and endeavour to send out compassionate, responsible and innovative students committed to change and progress in the development of India and the global environment.