The MMT Choir woos Goa at ‘Amore’

The MMT (Majolly Music Trust Choir) had just about finished their previous choir season in September 2016 with the theme ‘ Love and Other Things’ (as part of the Trust’s Festival of Music), when Dr. Christo Fernandes of the NAMAH Foundation contacted me to invite the choir to sing in Goa. Fortunately for the choir, the theme was ‘Amore’ which fitted in perfectly well with what the choir had just presented!

The Goa ‘gig’ on January 30th 2017 was a fund-raiser organised by Dr Fernandes to raise funds for music education for the under privileged, so I had no hesitation saying yes to this worthy cause (The Majolly Music Trust itself was set up for quality music education, and a pension fund for aged and infirm musicians). The MMT choristers who were available to travel, had no hesitation taking care of their own travel expenses while Dr Fernandes made sure that the choir were comfortable with boarding and lodging. For some, it was their first trip to Goa, which added to the excitement, besides the fact that we would be singing at the famed Kala Academy which is THE premier venue in Goa for serious and not-so-serious music concerts.

The MMT Choir was featured first in the evening’s line up with the biggest chunk allotted to us, and we performed Western Art Music right from Renaissance to Jazz, beginning with the naughty ‘Now is the Month of Maying’ (Thomas Morley), the strangely melancholic ‘I Love My Love’ (Gustav Holst), the lively ‘Soy de Verdicio’ (G. Casielles), Yugoslav Folk Songs (Matyas Seiber) and  the jazzy ‘After You’ve Gone’ (Creamer&Layton.

The full house audience was very receptive and appreciated our contribution towards the programme (considering many hadn’t heard Western classical choral music before, and one of our aims being to acquaint and educate audiences with regards to this beautiful repertoire was fulfilled), and we have been asked to return with a fully fledged programme!

And of course, the MMT Choir looks forward to more tours!